Ibanez Effektpedal TC999 Tube King - Analog Röhrenkompressor Tube Booster


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Ibanez Tube King Compressor - analoger Röhrenkompressor / Tube Booster

The Ibanez Tube King Compressor is a compression and boost pedal with knobs to control input Sensitivity, matching the output of the guitar's pickup, Attack for pick sensitivity, and Sustain to tweak the duration of a signal at a constant level before fading. The TC999 was produced in Japan and is currently out of production, and is considered rare.

  • Sensitivity: controls input sensitivity to match the output of guitar's pickup. Set this volume low for high gain active pickups. The guitar signal and RCP660's input signal come to the same level when this volume is turned fully clockwise.
  • Attack: controls pick attack sensitivity. Turn this volume clockwise to emphasize the attack and turn it counterclockwise for lesser and smoother attack.
  • Sustain: controls the duration of a picked signal at a constant level, before the note starts to fade. Turn it fully clockwise for more compression. Set it slightly low to use this effect as a limiter.

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