Cort E-Bass T-75 Charcol Grey Transparent Quiled Maple 5-String E-Bass aktiv


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5-String E-Bass Cort T-75 Charcol Grey Transp. Quiled Maple

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Wolkenahorndecke (Quilted Maple Top) in zeitloser transparenten Lackierung, super Soundqualität, beste Verarbeitung (Achtung, beim Video handelt es sich um einen T-55, der günstigeren Ausführung des angebotenen E-Basses)

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T75 is a five-string variant of the popular T74 four-stringer. Cort places this model at the very top of its T range of electric basses and offers some special features with it (T74 has the same enhancements). Body of this model is solid double-cut and made of the very popular combination of mahogany base and quilt maple top. Top is bound and finished in high gloss. Trans Charcoal Gray Wash is the main color scheme in T75s palette. Its fit with a standard set of black-clad hardware. Regular five-saddled bridge is a hardtail with adjustable saddles. In its front, Cort installs a pair of active humbuckers with a standard set of control knobs. Three-piece maple neck is bolted to the body and it is topped with a 24-fret rosewood.

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